Betfair is a bookmaker that offers very good odds for bets and according to some data, this indicator is among the top three among bookmakers. Their odds are 5-10% higher than in regular bookmakers, and this attracts a large number of "sharks" from around the world.

We believe that Betfair is the best option for professional players. Considering that this is the leading exchange of sports betting in the world, it probably would not be worth repeating general words about a large selection. It is obvious. Here you can bet almost anything.

For beginners, however, the Betfair betting exchange may seem very complex and incomprehensible, but after a while, the situation is cleared. A great number of different tips and settings as well as basic information with detailed and comprehensible explanations will help you get to know the site. Also, on the site you can find detailed video instructions for almost all Betfair features to see how it works.